HP Bus Duct System

T2 HP Fire Resistance Bus Duct System

The “bus-duct” system provides an effective and efficient supply of electricity. Either Copper or aluminum is used as the conductor of bus duct that is insulated and enclosed completely for protection against mechanical damage and dust accumulation. The system comprises feeder bus duct, plug-in bus duct, flatwise elbow and tee et al, making the system safe, economic, neat and enduring.

The system meets the requirements of wiring in high-rise buildings and large-scale industrial plants and it applies to IEC 439-2, and NEMA BU1.


  1. Higher capacity (max 5000A) and excellent insulation of conductor.
  2. Smaller in size, and light
  3. Low impedance, low voltage drop, low interference and low energy consumption
  4. Easy installation
  5. Fire and pest prevention, long endurance and safe
  6. Large short-time current capacity
  7. Reliable plug-in box and safety joint
  8. Easy for further modifications and expansions
  9. Easy for maintenance and inspection
  10. (Fire resistance bus duct system has) Excellent fire resistant properties and a special fire-resistant layer coating. It doesn’t product any harmful gases in case of fire. The system has passed a flame test of 840°C for 30 minutes.

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