About Us

Elite Power

Our Vision
To be an Excellent Solution Provider in Energy, Heavy Industrial and Power Systems in Singapore, and MENA Region

Our Values
Integrity & Honesty, Commitment, Conviction & Value-Creation, Frugality

Business Areas
Elite Power Pte Ltd is engaged in the import and export of heavy industrial and power solutions business such as wire and cable, industrial products like optical fiber cables, gas insulated switchgears, motors, generators and transformers.

The services provided by Elite Power Pte Ltd include but not limited to the following:

  • Master-planning and Strategic Business Development
  • Provision of Project Consultancy and Management (Superintending of Projects)
  • Maintenance Support
  • Sales & Distribution of various power and electrical systems products
  • Sales and Distribution of various types of LED lamps

Chairman’s Message

Crude and gas oil, electrical power supply equipment and light power, form a value chain from energy in its raw form, to the stage of energy conversion before it truly benefits the world populace through  energy consumption. Even when the oil prices had plummeted, optimal usage of power and energy is critical to the survival of the human race and ecology, in reducing the greenhouse and carbon  footprint.

While we cannot do without the raw materials, we require highly reliable and energy efficient equipment that converts these into power that can be transmitted to the end users.

In the area of power supply equipment, the ability to integrate and interface their various parts, from generators to transformers  (power and distribution) to switchgears and distribution, control and automation through SCADA, to motors, and then to the various end user applications all matter in energy consumption. With highly reliable equipment, it ensures continuity in operations and daily life, while high efficiency ensures low costs of operations.

The cabling and connectivity remains the critical network that enables all that are possible right to the end users.  Our supply of rare earth high iron aluminium (REHIAL) cables with long operating lifespan helps our clients reduce their costs in EPC projects especially their infrastructure and capital costs compared to those using copper cables. The life cycle costs are also much lower through the use of the (REHIAL) cables.

The management team at Elite Power had worked on this concept of a vertical value chain of power business to bring about benefits to customers who prize reliability, efficiency and maximization of energy resource right at the consumer end, at optimally low costs.

I am sure this chain of products, supported by the high dedication and commitment of the team in Elite Power, can only bring about the massive benefits to the customer base of smart users at each level, and in so doing, contribute to the greater good of the community.

The principals, professionals and strategists involved, business developers, marketing team, including the service providers are the most valued people in the vertical chain who make this dream of Elite Power’s,  realizable, ready to serve our customers.


To Our Customers, I would like to thank you for your continuous support, Your Success is Elite Power’s success, Your Savings is Elite Power’s Motivation, and Your Satisfaction is Elite Power’s Reason for Existence.

Success, Growth and Prosperity to One and All!

Mr Nicholas

Chairman, Elite Power Pte Ltd.