Power Transformer

SF6 Gas-Insulated Power Transformer (GIT)

Shunt Reactor

High Reliability: With advanced design, manufacturing techniques, and stringent quality control system, the transformers we offer have received good reputation in both local and overseas markets.

Excellent core construction: A unique computer-programming core manufacturing machine with functions of automatic cutting and stacking of silicon steel strips is utilized in our products. Advanced V-notch and step-lap construction are also implemented to achieve the best performances in the core, with visible advantages such as low sound level, low no-load loss and low exciting current.

Surge-proof winding: The windings of the power transformers that we offer are specially designed to be surge proof. By employing a voltage oscillation analysis program, the voltage oscillation is calculated in the windings which a simulated surge is applied. An appropriate insulation arrangement is adopted for the windings according to the results of simulation to ensure its surge-proof ability.

Advanced vapour-phase drying system: In order to heat the interior (core and winding assembly) in a rapid and even manner, the most advanced vapour-phase drying oven is utilized to allow the insulation materials to be dried thoroughly without sacrificing any performance.

High-efficiency cooling method: The windings of the power transformers adopts a directed flow construction, which ensures the insulating oil flow through all parts of windings rapidly and evenly to increase cooling efficiency and reduce hottest-spot temperature.

Variability of countermeasure for leakage flux: Appropriate preventive means are adopted in order to avoid local overheating by the leakage flux. For example, equipping a magnetic shield on the tank, according to the magnitude of leakage flux calculation by analysis software.

Sufficient strength against short-circuit electromagnetic mechanical force: The ampere-turns distribution between primary and secondary windings is designed to be as balanced as possible according to the detailed short-circuit stress calculation by analysis software. The selection of materials and the pre-compressing process of the windings have been given special consideration to provide sufficient strength of windings against the short-circuit electromagnetic mechanical force.

Power Transformers
We are able to design and manufacture every kind of oil-immersed transformers up to 500kV 1000MVA.

SF6 Gas-Insulated Power Transformers (GIT)
Premium features of SF6 gas-insulated transformers include: outstanding non-flammability, insulation effects, and safety. By adopting a combination of transformers and switchgears, these fully gas-insulated substations provide extra ease for safety assurance, accident prevention, and inspection/maintenance.

Shunt Reactor
The development of underground cable transmission system in cities has resulted in increasing demand for large capacity shunt reactors to be installed in order to compensate the leading non effective power. We are able to design and provide 33kV 40MVAR, 161kV 80MVAR and 345kV 100MVAR high performance radial core type shunt reactor with low noise level, low no-load loss, and save material of core.

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