Amorphous Cast-Resin Dry Type Transformers

Amorphous Distribution Transformers

Energy Saving: Manufactured with superior low core loss and with low load loss design of coil, which greatly increases transformer efficiency. The no-load loss of the transformer is about 70~80% lower than that of traditional silicon ones.

Environmental Friendly: Operates with lower CO2 emission through its non-polluting insulating materials and higher energy efficiency.

Safe: Non-inflammable epoxy resin is used in the production of casting coils in the transformers to achieve better dust-proof, anti-moisture and high insulating capabilities. The casting coils have passed the C2/E2/F1 operations safety test of IEC 60076-11.

Quality: The three-phase three-leg amorphous core structure is patented and is capable of operations with lower noise levels (about 3~5dB lower than NEMA standard), and with lower temperature, which elongates the life span of the transformer.

High Reliability:  With advanced design, manufacturing techniques, and stringent quality control system, the power transformers that we offer had received good reputation from both local and overseas markets.

Amorphous Distribution Transformers
Our Amorphous Distribution Transformers have been developed since 1991, with more than 2,000 units of the transformers produced and operating in Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan. It has a large rating of 5000KVA.

Amorphous Cast-Resin Dry Type Transformers
Features an Amorphous metal ribbon as the core material which reduces about 80% of core losses as compared with silicon steel transformers. It utilises a three-leg amorphous core manufacturing technology, which produces the best quality and with a smaller foot print of the amorphous cast-resin transformers.


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