Distribution Apparatus

Distribution Apparatus

  • 9kV 10kA Zinc-Oxide Gapless Arrester
  • 4kV 600A Outdoor Disconnect Switch and Fuse Cutout Switch
  • DC 24V/DC 125A Electronic Fault Indicator

Smart Partial Discharge Analyser

  • Precision – Harnesses an integrated AE (Acoustic Emission) and RF (Radio Frequency) to distinguish between mechanical sound waves and electrical signals, and is able to position discharge accurately
  • Smart – Able to adjust sensitivity to optimum levels according to the scenario, and is able to locate partial discharge precisely via its unique algorithms
  • Non-invasive – Can be installed without interrupting the operation of the transformer
  • Weatherproof – Certified IP66 weatherproof and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation
  • Backup power – Built in high capacity capacitor provides one hour of backup power in a power outrage
  • Accessible data – Comes with a removable SD card for easy data access and supports RS-465 transmissions to central control

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