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The manufacturing process of our Oxygen-free copper wire involves a continuous DIP FORMIMG from electrolytic copper plates. This high purity copper rod and wire is suited for high conductivity power cable, telecom cable, fine magnet wire and electronic wire.

The whole manufacturing process of DIPPING, FORMING and HOT ROLLING are taken in a reductive atmosphere without oxygen and hydrogen.

The characteristics of the wires are as mentioned below:

(1)   Oxygen content is less than 15PPM, conductivity averages at about 101%

(2)   Particle grain is fine and excellent in twisting and drawing

(3)   Low impurity, scrap and spur, suited fine wire drawing

(4)   Smooth and bright surface, good adhesion in tin plating and enamel coating (Especially for rectangular wire)

(5)  Extra low oxygen content, will not be brittle as caused by hydrogen

(6)  The weight of each coil can be as assigned by customer (Max 4 Tons)

Characteristic comparison of 2.0mm ɸ soft oxygen free copper wire to other processes

Item CNS 1364 C2030 DIP Process SCR Process UC Process
Copper Purity


> 99.90 99.99 99.97 99.99
Oxygen Content


< 15 300~400 5 ~ 15


> 100.00  > 100.0 > 100.0 >100.0
Tensile Stress


< 27.00 < 27.00 < 27.00 <27


> 30.00 > 30.00 > 30.00 >30.0
Surface Smooth Smooth & Bright Little Rough Smooth & Bright
Drawing Process Excellent Good Good
Brittle by Hydrogen Good Poor Good

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